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Community Donates Hundreds of Bags of Pet Food After Shelter Theft –Watch

After hundreds of dollars worth of pet food was stolen from their Bedford office, the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire reports the donations that came flooding in have replaced the food ten-fold.

Every View of this Adorable Doggie Video Earns One Pound of Food for a Shelter

Do you want to unleash someone’s inner joy? Puppies can make almost anyone's day better– and these pups are making the day better for...

Chicago Comes Together To Save Jingles The Dog

Just days after being rescued from an abandoned neighborhood garage, a 6-year-old black lab was brought in for a check-up. His new owner wanted...

Watch Firefighters Revive Cat With Oxygen After Saving it From Fire

Who knew that Russian cats are just as tough and strong as their owners?

3-Legged Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor For Bravery

Even our military dogs deserve happy endings – and Lucca the German shepherd is guaranteed a good one.

Guy Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts to Help Them Get Adopted (LOOK)

The secret to anyone’s success can start with a great haircut — even if you’re just a dog. Mark Imhof only started his dog grooming...

Great Dane - The divine victory

Great Dane dog is huge but quite gentle. Elegant, considerate, affectionate, they always showed patience and love to play with kids.

Pug - The gentle with your cute face

Pug dog is very personality, although they have modest size. Lively, noisy, very loyal and affectionate, cheerful and often tend satisfied with the work around the typical personality of the breed.

Instructions on how to care for cats

The lovely lovely cat always made the little excited and not feel lonely. Sometimes dad are busy at work, busy mom cooking does not have time to play with the baby, these adorable kittens will be the friend...